Sunday, 25 January 2009


Here at Thyme we are getting ready to take part in this years Purple Love Week. For 2009 the organisers, Olives Et Al, have decided that this years theme will be to try and help the economy!
We’re all hacked off with the doom and gloom mongers telling us it’s bad. We know. So let’s actually do something to change the state of the nation and take us from boom and bust to Spend and Save.
Olives Et Al are running Purple Love Week to keep our shopkeepers shopkeeping, consumers consuming and suppliers supplying. In other words get us all back to what we should be doing.
GREAT! What’s the plan?
SIMPLE! Inject £100m over 22 days into local shops across Britain so they can pay their bills, their staff can pay theirs, you can pay yours, we can pay ours and we all keep the financial cogs moving...
BRILLIANT! What do you have to do?
Just spend £5. Five quid. A fiver. A Minnie Driver. Call it what you like but all you need to do is spend a fiver on yourself.
That fiver will then be spent 5 more times locally.

What have you got to lose? Oh, and if you want to see how spending a fiver puts £100m into the economy check out www. for the science bit.

Our planned events so far to give you even more reason to call in......

Tues 17th Feb - Thyme will be hosting a 'Purple Crafts@ session led by local Community Artist Lisa Brookes. Come along with your kids between 2-4pm for a FREE decoration making session - you can get involved too or just kick back with a coffee and a mag.

Weds 18th Feb - Ian Hunt from Tracklements will be offering a free tasting session between 11am -2pm.

More tastings to follow along with Purple specials ...... Keep checking back for more details.

Saturday, 10 January 2009

We want your FEEDBACK not your food back

We now have some new feedback forms in Thyme and would love it if you could spare us a minute to fill one in on your next visit. We are keen to know what you think, especially in these difficult economic times.

Did you know we now have a loyalty card scheme? Pick up a card and collect a stamp for every tea or coffe you buy. Get 9 stamps and we will give you your 10th coffee FREE.

Watch this space for news about Purple Love Week - coming soon.......