Friday, 16 January 2015

Happy New Year

A Happy New Year to all of our customers.

We hope you all enjoyed the festive season and have since recovered.

If like me you are taking 2015 by the horns and starting with a diet and a dryathlon you might be glad to hear that tea pigs have introduced new tea flavours.

We have in stock…
Sweet ginger
Chocolate and mint
Apple & cinnamon
Fennel & licorice

As well as lots of other flavours. Also available to drink in the cafe.

We still have our 3 jars for £10 offer on our Olives Et Al jars. Alongside their delicious olives you can also choose 2 kinds of pesto, harissa, or dukkah ( a fab middle eastern not and spice mix for dunking or topping grilled meats).

More stock of local hooey is due for delivery next week to help ward off your winter colds but I can also recommend Belvoir cordials - their winter flavours are fabulous. 
The ones we have in stock are winter berries (also available in the cafe, served hot), honey lemon & ginger, or apple, plum and cinnamon.

Perfect fodder for January are Tom's pies. Available in the cafe served with mash, peas and gravy or  alternatively to take home. Their vegetarian pies are fabulous.

Hope to see you soon …Amanda & the Thyme Team.