Thursday, 16 February 2012

Make your own pancakes

It's Shrove Tuesday on 21st February. Early this year don't you think ?
Of course you can buy a pancake mix but pancakes are so easy to make from scratch why not have a go ?

Pancakes are so versatile, they are perfect sprinkled with sugar and lemon juice, but they also make a great savoury dish.
Make your pancakes as normal and use them like canneloni in an italian style bake.

Here's a basic recipe for you to give them a try...

200g plain flour
3 eggs
500ml milk
knob of butter or oil
topping of your choice (lemons, sugar, nutella, honey, the choices are endless)

Sift the flour into a bowl and beat in the eggs.
Now add the milk slowly until the mixture is quite runny (like single cream).
Pour the mixture into a jug.
It's best to let the mixture stand if you have time, half an hour is fine, or longer.
Heat your frying pan, it needs to be quite hot, add the butter or oil, swirl it around the pan and pour of any excess (don't throw this away).
Pour some of your mix into the pan - enough to coat the bottom with a thin layer of batter, swirl the pan around until evenly coated.
Once the underside is cooked (should start to become golden) Flip the pancake (or toss if you're brave enough). It should only take a minute or so to cook the 2nd side.
Top and eat immediately or keep warm if cooking a batch.

Any frying pan will do or if you eat them a lot why not invest in a special pancake pan (also available at Thyme).

Flippin' lovely

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